See more click here - Sit Down Cross Legs Link Arms, Exhibition / Performance
Center for Contemporary Art Derry-Londonderry,
17th December 2015

Private Eye Advert

Drawing everything in the pound shop, intervention 2014

Drawing everything in the pound shop, intervention 2014

SoAM (Sister of Another Mama)

Poetic Surveillance at the SUCH Gallery, Helsinki

Europes Finest, found clothing lined with Europa Hotel Curtain Fabric     
Europe's finest clothing, found clothing combined with Europa Hotel Curtain fabric.     July 2014 

Poetic Surveillance

Poetic Surveillance, one to one performances and live radio performance, part of the Belfast International Performance Art Festival at the University of Ulster, Belfast N. Ireland, March 2014

drop shop

For the past few months I have entered clothing shops, choosing an item to try on in the changing room before embroidering a small fly hidden in the lining
or behind a pocket, before returning the item to the clothes rail.

Critical Fail - Intervention in Corn Market, Belfast, 2012


Performance for Asiatopia Festival, Bangkok, Thailand November 2013

Performance with Simon Häggblom at Toloso Market, Basque Country, October 2013

'Surrender Yourself', collaboration with Colm Clarke for the Household Belfast Festival, August 2013.